How to move forward as a Christian man

How the Christian man can move forward in his walk with Jesus

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One thought on “How to move forward as a Christian man

  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your podcasts, I find them inspiring, helpful and uplifting. This intro today inspired me to research objectification, why and how men feel about it….even secular men. It’s a lot deeper than a gawk or stare. I really wish we women had women of God, in Jesus, explaining men, what they need, how we women are responsible for our part in respecting, honoring, supporting and sexing our men. Debbie Chavez lays this out well in her podcasts and I really appreciate it. I needed this though when I was a young girl, so I didn’t have to learn the heartbreaking way. This August it will be 20 yrs for my husband and I. We have always been close, but because of childhood brokenness for us both, our intimate sex department had dysfunction in it. He of course was taught by the world and his parents, that when wife shuts down, turn to porn/objectification, and I of course was taught by the world, dysfunction in parenting and abuse, that intimacy, vulnerability and trust are things I will never be worthy to receive or give. 17 yrs husband and I had a sexual life that was dysfunctional (not completely open to each other as God designed it.) Then I started crying out to God in Jesus name, (my husband had already been crying out for a long time) to show me where I am wrong, what can I do to make this whole? My husband is responsible for his actions and I am responsible for mine, or lack of. Well 2 1/2 yrs ago, God answered my prayers and showed me. I was afraid all these yrs to fully submit, love and be loved because I thought I wasn’t enough…of anything, and I didn’t deserve to be loved, desired, lusted after by my husband. I gave my power away to other women constantly. But God turned my pilot light on to full blown furnace. My husband was pleasantly shocked! He never wanted to be self-soothing in masturbation, or objectifying. I think most men don’t. I am learning more that men are very deep and often afraid to be intimate, vulnerable, rejected, made to look and feel like a fool. My husband and I are closer and closer, we know it’s because of God, we are so thankful…I love seeing my husband so open, happy, excited, full of life…full of Jesus. Do we still see attractive people male or female, you betcha! However, we are each other’s gift from God, we have a bond, a true relationship, trust, growth, experiences, hardships and fantastic times that it would take years to build elsewhere….so why look anywhere else when the grass is greener where you water it. He is 53 and I, 44…. But God’s spirit in us makes us timeless inside. Our bodies will age, but our spirits can remain youthful in Christ. God’s ways are so beautiful, they are not hard, they are just what the flesh doesn’t want to be familiar with. Our temptations are just an imitation of the real thing! (Per Mib).
    I hope this isn’t too long. I hope it’s helpful to someone. I thank you for these podcasts as I am thankful for Debbie Chavez podcasts. I don’t want or need advice from the world, only God and His things can show me who I’m meant to be in Him and for my husband. Thank you very much
    God bless you always
    Sincerely, Christina

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